mercoledì 25 febbraio 2009

Finally out of bed!

Finally after a week of fever I'm out of bed,but
I have to say that I fell like the cat in the image.
Unfortunately I did't have the force to do no
illustrations but the positive part was that
everyone was at my service...:) and I could
sleep how much wanted:)
But now at work again

6 commenti:

Michael O'Connell ha detto...

glad you are feeling better… it sure is nice to be waited on… although being THAT sick is never nice… great picture of the cat…

and thanks for the visit and the kind words… and it's not so bad over here… and it usually isn't as bad as it seems… but it is usually after the fact that we find that out…

Bella Sinclair ha detto...

Hahaha! Love that cat!

So glad you're feeling better. A week of fever? Wow, that was a bad one. Sometimes I look forward to getting sick, because then I have a legitimate excuse to stay in bed.

Eugenia Gina ha detto...

soo cutee!!
and now get up and smell the air, and sip a cup of coffee! work work work! :D

Edrian Thomidis ha detto...

So glad that you are feeling better. The down side is ... back to reality!

enigma ha detto...

so many people get sick this time of year. glad you have gotten well!

PS: Bella, you're a naughty. :)

Bobo ha detto...

Aww! So cute, so flexible! I love to see cats' pictures! Glad you're better now!
Oh yes, almost forgotten again, I'm honored to be at your link, sorry for taking too long time to answer (all cause by the laziworm)!