martedì 19 maggio 2009

Parade in colour

Yestarday was my birthday,hurray for me :)
my first 40 years old... so as a gift to
everybody I decided to colour the illustration
I did last week for Illustration Friday.
Hope you like it.

6 commenti:

AtelierBrigitte ha detto...

Congratulations on your birthday, hope you've had a wonderful day!

And thank you for your present: I love the coloured illustration - nice, soft yet bright colors!!

Paige Keiser ha detto...

Happy Belated Birthday! And I want to tell you, I absolutely love this drawing. It's absolutely adorable and just one of my favorite pieces online so far. The paint is just the right touch of color. What kind of paper did you paint on? Cold press? I really like the texture of the sky!

John ha detto...

wow the big 40 hahaha My Wife turns 40 this week the 21st well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and what a fun and lovely picture for Illu Friday "Parade" love It!

Thanks for stopping by my ole blog glad you enjoyed the owls.... I Submitted the 4th one and sad to say I didn't win the competition. But in turn I won a lot more. I won the attention of other artist just by having my work out there!

have a great day!

Loni Edwards ha detto...

Happy 40th Monica! I turned 40 this past December. I LOVE being 40!

Your parade colored is beautiful! I just love it! I liked the sketch also, but adding color made it even more whimsical!

Fadas & C.ª ha detto...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderfull day!
And congratullations to the illustration in colour, it results beautiful!

Paulina Lombardo ha detto...

Divertente, bello e molto sensibili come i bambini a diventare il vostro disegno.