venerdì 11 settembre 2009


Here I am,finally I menaged to write again
in the blog,I've been a bad blogger in these
months.I'm not very good in writing but
First of all I want to thank
Joanne May for an award given to me
2 months ago and
AtelierBrigitte for another award 1 month ago
"Thanks and sorry for not answering you before"

6 commenti:

Loni Edwards ha detto...

Welcome back and thank you for posting such sweet comments on my blog :)

joanne May ha detto...

Welcome back Monica and thank you for leaving a comment. I was asked to do a project with sharing books (I'm still thinking about it). What was it like working with Jennifer?
Anyway... It would be lovely to see some of your new work posted up if you are not into writing posts!:)
Best wishes, Jo.x

AtelierBrigitte ha detto...

Welcome back and I hope to see some of your (new) work soon.

Bella Sinclair ha detto...

Welcome back! Hahahaha, see how perfect your return was for this week's Illustration Friday prompt? :)

the enigma ha detto...

welcome back! :)

Eugenia Gina ha detto...

haha! me too, just to lazy to write on the blog this time, get up and write some shall we?