sabato 13 settembre 2014

Dynasty of Power cover

This is the preview cover we did for Affinity Press: Dynasty of Power #0 by Jami Russell, Nick Doan, and Anahi Delgado

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Mirka Breen ha detto...

This one packs a punch and a Vroom-Vroom! :)

Ghost Lily ha detto...

Hi Monica,
Good to see you are still blogging!
I saw this piece on your facebook page. It's wonderful and makes me think of the Judge Dredd, comic covers... Awesome work!
All the best,

Sharon Wagner ha detto...

Love the boobs. Ha!

Becky Shillington ha detto...
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Becky Shillington ha detto...

You have such a wide range of artistic ability! What fun!

Meradeth Houston ha detto...

Awesome cover!! And I second the boob comment :)