lunedì 11 agosto 2008

IF: Sail

This week Illustration Friday topic is : Sail
Unfortunately this week we're doing some
painting works in our home and we decided
to use an image we did for a friend of us.
There is a little sail in the backgroud and we
thought it was nice for this week topic.

6 commenti:

INDIGENE ha detto...

This is so cute and a nice take on this week's prompt.

Katie ha detto...

That is very cute. Blessed friend of yours. Love the far away sail boat in the background.

Heather ha detto...

I love the octopus. Very friendly.

Juan ha detto...

Very nice work!

Gaia ha detto...

Ha un'aria veramente molto dispettosa! Chissa' a chi ha presto quel bel palloncino rosso! :)

Mônica ha detto...

Oh, yes, it works and we get to meet this nice little octopus. Great summer colors too!