lunedì 11 gennaio 2010

IF: Confined

First of all I have to apologize,this is an
old illo,but I thought it was good for this week
topic,I always thought at her as confined in a
mystical place.Hope before the end of this week
to upload something more.

giovedì 7 gennaio 2010

2010 a new year begin

Maybe someone will say,but all the roughs illos
you said you wanted to finish before the year,
what did you do?Well I have to say I've been a
little lazy:)))
But there are two good news,the first one:
and now we have to wait to see what
will happen and then we are doing some
try-outs to ink a comic book.
At the same time hope from next week
to draw new children illustrations and,
fingers crossed to watercoulors some old illos:)
Thanks for coming to see what we do and thanks
to the people that with their art inspire us!