sabato 25 ottobre 2008

IF: Repair

Illustration Friday topic this week is"Repair"
I wanted post something new but time isn't
with me ,and I'm preparing with my boyfriend
work examples for the next week Convention
"Lucca Comics and Games"
This is an old illustration we did for a
RPG Magazine,well,there will be a lot of
things to repair after this explosion.
Happy Halloween to everyone

mercoledì 22 ottobre 2008

IF: Late

This week topic for Illustration Friday is "Late"
and in these days I can say "this is my word"
it seems I'm late in everything.As you can see
this is only a rough that I'll probably finish to
colour next week due to a last minute work.
For the topic I thought to a little cat during
summer nights,he's so motionless that even
fireflies settle on his tail,ears and nose

venerdì 17 ottobre 2008

Illustration Friday :Strings Coloured

Finally I menaged to colour this week topic
Illustration Friday "Strings"
This time instead of digital colours I decided
to do it in watercolors.I'm not very happy
with the tree,let me know what you think,
all comments are welcome

martedì 14 ottobre 2008

IF: Strings

This week Illustration Friday topic is : Strings
My little friend don't like the falling of the
leaves so he thought to find a solution
This is only a rough ,I hope to colour it before
the end of the week

lunedì 13 ottobre 2008

IF: Sugary colours

Thanks to all that posted a nice comment last
week,I finished to colour it ,hope you like it

lunedì 6 ottobre 2008

IF: Sugary

This week Illustration Friday topic is " Sugary"
We thought that one of the sugary day of the year
is Halloween and who might think that instead of two
little children masked ,these are two little bears
waiting for sweets
Finally after two weeks we menage to add a new
illustration,we've been ill and we are finishing a work,
but we hope to colour this illo before the end of the week.