sabato 24 aprile 2010

Marlow & Underworld

Before uploading these images on our website
here you are a couple of inking try-outs pages
done with Dario Carrasco(penciler).The first image
is for Marlow,the second for Underworld.

mercoledì 21 aprile 2010

IF: Detective

Another sketch for illustration friday,this week
topic is Detective.Don't know you but when I
was a child I asked myself why I had a navel,
so what better then investagate on it with the
help of a friend:)I have to work more on the
bathroom but I like enough the two characters:)
Today is a wonderful sunny day and I'm finishing
one of the last illustration I did for IF,hope it will
come out well.

martedì 13 aprile 2010

If: Linked

Also this week I hadn't time to finish the
illo for this week topic"linked"but I menaged
to do a rough sketch.Everyone knows that
mom and children have a great link and
sometimes we forget that fathers do the
strangest thing for their children.So I think
it isn't so strange to see a father helping her
little daughter for her first swim.

mercoledì 7 aprile 2010


I don't know how to thank for this award.I'm so
honored to receive the Renee Award from Brigitte
of Atelier Brigitte , a great artist you must visit:)

The award was created by Ces in honor of Renee,who
is very dear to her and to many people in the blog world
and beyond.Renee has recently passed away,it has touched
so many people,especially Ces and Bella,who new Renee
for such a long time.If you want to know more about
the origin of this award visit this blog-entry

These are only some of the friends I met in the blog world,
I have to choose 7 bloggers so here they are: