giovedì 22 ottobre 2009

IF: Frozen

This is an old illustration me and my boyfriend
did years ago but I thought it could be right
for this week IF topic"Frozen"
Normally one think about cold things but
you know these old western movies when
time seems frozen:)
Last news: we are doing the last illos for the book
and (probably we are mad)but we begun doing
comics lessons to teenagers,it will be a great
experience but we are also a little scared....
perfect for Halloween:):):):)

giovedì 8 ottobre 2009

"Toofs" Sneak Peak

Here you are a sneak peak about our book"Toofs"
written by Jennifer Poulter.We are doing it
digitally,it's a great experince .
Will his big brother
survive the little one that is testing his new teeth?
A book about teeth and relationship

mercoledì 7 ottobre 2009

IF: Germs

Also this week I menaged to do only a rough for
Illustration Friday topic.
When I think about germs I think about flu and
all these days reading a good book,a flavoured
cup of chocolate ,my lovely cat and a lot of
handkerchiefs.At the end germs aren't so bad!
I'd like to thanks all friends that did comments
and a patiently waiting my pencils coloured
but me and Andrea we are trying to finish
the book .