giovedì 28 maggio 2009

IF: Cracked

I'm late,I'm late ,I'm late....:)
As always I'm late for Illustration Friday
and for visiting my friends blogs.
This week topic is Cracked and yestarday ,waiting
for a job appointment I did this rough on a
piece of paper.I was thinking about the word and
I thought that when I was a little child I asked myself
what the little insects do when they disappear in the walls.
So this illo came out ,hoping to finish it in these days

mercoledì 20 maggio 2009


This week Illustration friday topic is"Contagious"
I did this simple illustration for a t-shirt and
thought it was a good idea for the topic.
Sleeping in these warm days is contagious
and is one of the thing I love the best.

martedì 19 maggio 2009

Parade in colour

Yestarday was my birthday,hurray for me :)
my first 40 years old... so as a gift to
everybody I decided to colour the illustration
I did last week for Illustration Friday.
Hope you like it.

martedì 12 maggio 2009

IF: Parade

Here I am again after a difficult time of my life,
my grandmother died after Ester ,now quite a month
passed and I begin again doing all the things I left
and so I finally menaged to do a new rough for
Illustration Friday(hope to colur it before friday)
and again at work on Jennifer Poulter children book.
This week Ilustration Friday topic is "Parade"