martedì 29 novembre 2016

SkaDaMo 2016

For the last days of SkADaMo2016, 3 little doodles,even if I didn't menage to do all the month I'm happy anyway :)

giovedì 10 novembre 2016

SkaDaMo 2016 day8 & day10

Probably I won't menage to do all the days for Skadamo but I love doing little doodles,so here two new fast skerches.

lunedì 7 novembre 2016

SkaDaMo 2016 day3 &day7

For day 3 and day 7 I did these littles sketches, not sure if I'll menage to do all the month but ?ll'try to post all the sketches I can. Enjoy them :)

giovedì 3 novembre 2016

SkaDaMo 2016

Also this year Skadamo begun, if you want to know more click here : Skadamo2016  This guy is trying to take a picture fo Santa Claus, will he manage to do it ? Happy sketch to everyone :)