mercoledì 20 aprile 2011

IF: Dusty colored

This week IF topic is Journey.

I didn't menage to draw it but I finished

an old one that I think it can be good.

My little mouse is reading in an old library

and probably he isn't the only one that

travel with imagination while reading.

I want to wish all of you


giovedì 7 aprile 2011

IF: Duet

On Monday I tought to have a lot of time

to do the IF illo "Duet" but today I realized

that the week is almost finished and time run

away.This isn't so good for the Duet topic,

but while sketching I had to draw this

lovely boy with a strange hat with one cat,

no with two cats as you may see.....:)

I hope:)I have to decide to optimize

better my time to do what I like the