giovedì 29 gennaio 2009

Work in progress_Climbing

Not finished yet,but I menaged to ink it

martedì 27 gennaio 2009


This week Illustration Friday is: Climbing
"What a joy climbing the mountain to
discover that the old hermit went for the
winter holidays and a storm is arriving!"
Unfortunately last week we didn't manage
to post something and also this week we
weren't sure to menage to do it.
We are working on some characters for
a book written by JR Poulter who asked us to
illustrate one of her poem.
But Andrea decided to do something that we hope
to finish before the end of the week,while I was
sketching some characters.

mercoledì 14 gennaio 2009

IF: Contained

Watercolour and digital

This week Illustration friday topic is "Contained"
I haden't much time to do it but I wanted to do
something in watercolour but when I saw it scanned
I wasnt' very happy with it so I used photoshop on it.
I don't know wich is better,I'll let you decide.
About my interpretation of the word I imagined a little
mouse trying to fish the moon that is contained(this is
what he thinks) in a little lake near his house .

mercoledì 7 gennaio 2009

IF: Resolve

This week Illustration Friday is "Resolve"
The idea is from Andrea that decided to colour my pencils.He imagined our little bear resolving
to come back ,for Xmas,at home after a long journey,
because nothing is comfortable like home