lunedì 28 ottobre 2013

IF: Creature

Another sketch for Illustration Friday.This week the word was" Creatures". Halloween approaching and maybe somewhere we and all the children doing trick or treat are the real creatures.At the end everything change when the perspective change.So here you can see little creatures at school having a lesson about creatures.This week also I menage to do only a sketch ,hope you like it :)

martedì 22 ottobre 2013

IF: Entangled

Finally I menaged to do a rough for Illustration Friday.This week topic is "Entangled". What's happen when you have a monster and a jumping rope? I think he has to exercise a little more.

venerdì 18 ottobre 2013

Sweet Award

This morning I received from my dear friend Ruth Schiffmann a super sweet award.She nominated me for Super Sweet Blogging Award.
The rules are: 1. Answer the following five sweet questions 2. Nominate five sweet bloggers.
1. Cookies or Cake? : Too difficul to choose,but if I have I only can say I love cakes.
2. Chocolate or Vanilla? : All my life chocolate,chocolate,chocolate :) but if you have something with vanilla I won't say
3. Favorite Sweet Treat? : Not sure to understand the word , but I love puff pastry with apples
4. When Do You Crave Sweet Things The Most? : Every time is the right moment, but after lunch and dinner it's great :)
5. Sweet Nick Name? : Never had a sweet nick name :)

Now, I'd like to share this award with five sweet blogging friends:

Monica Ortiz
Naomi C Robinson
Mirka Breen
Elizabeth W Seaver