venerdì 23 dicembre 2011


We'd like to wish you all a


and a


lunedì 19 dicembre 2011


Finally after months I menage to finish an old pencil:)Last friday I had some hours free and finished A Xmas card pencil and also the pencils of "Stripes"done for Illustration Frday:)Tomorrow I'll color this card and in the next days I'll show you also the Stripes illos:)

venerdì 11 novembre 2011

IF: Stripes

Only a quick sketch for Illustration Friday of this week,hope to colour in the next days.While waiting for my boyfriend I thought that there is nothing better that having our best friend with us(even if is a zebra) and our preferred striped pajamas:)

sabato 22 ottobre 2011

Children's book rally

This is a sneak peak of "Toofs" for Illustration Rally ,if you want to see it entirely click here :)

Illustrated by us and written by Jennifer and Estelle Poulter

martedì 2 agosto 2011

Daredevil & Hulk

Andea draw this for two friends of us,she loves hulk and her husband loves daredevil.So for their wedding a little fanart for them:)

martedì 5 luglio 2011

Friends Wedding

The 25th of June our best friends

Alessandra and Cristian finally got

married.The wedding was wonderful

and they were fabulous.

We wish them a great life together:)

giovedì 26 maggio 2011

Big Surprise!

Today when I came back home I found a big surprise

in my mail box.My dear friend Monica sent for my

birthday this wonderful postcard of his town and

best of all this birthday card and bookmark drawn by her.

Her illustrations are sweet and colorful so visit

her here


mercoledì 20 aprile 2011

IF: Dusty colored

This week IF topic is Journey.

I didn't menage to draw it but I finished

an old one that I think it can be good.

My little mouse is reading in an old library

and probably he isn't the only one that

travel with imagination while reading.

I want to wish all of you


giovedì 7 aprile 2011

IF: Duet

On Monday I tought to have a lot of time

to do the IF illo "Duet" but today I realized

that the week is almost finished and time run

away.This isn't so good for the Duet topic,

but while sketching I had to draw this

lovely boy with a strange hat with one cat,

no with two cats as you may see.....:)

I hope:)I have to decide to optimize

better my time to do what I like the


mercoledì 16 marzo 2011

Roma Comics

At the end of this week in Rome will be
a comics convention,I'll be there with
my boyfriend,hope to find new comics
and to make photos.

giovedì 24 febbraio 2011

IF: Layer

This week also I menaged to do only a quick rough:)
I absolutely have to find a way to finish all these
roughs,but it seems time is getting away and I
don't menage to stop it:(
Ayway here is my idea for IF topic"layer"
I found out that it means also hen that do a lot of
eggs,so I thought about one that is on the top of
a egg's mountain that will be used by the
Easter last thing,the little
hen is also knitting....well is quite
annoying to do eggs all day:)

mercoledì 16 febbraio 2011

IF: Sweater

This is a collage from my moleskine,I was on
a bus and waiting to come back home. I did
some sketches for this week Illustration Friday
"Sweater"In this period is Carnival here and
you can see a lot of children masked,but is also
quite cold so they have to wear sweaters on
their carnival costumes:)
Some are happy and think only to play with
confetti then others as the little
girl on the right are sad,she can't show her
fairy costume.
Then I draw my cat,
he loves to sleep inside my sweaters:)

mercoledì 26 gennaio 2011

IF: Dusty

This is my first 2011 post,I menaged to do
only a rough but happy to post on IF.
This week topic is "Dusty",as you can see
my little friend is a bookworm/bookmouse:)
probably you'll say : where is the worm?
The funny thing is that when I looked
in the dictionary I found out that in english
is a worm and but in Italy we use mouse:)
One last news is that I have a gallery in a nice
free site ,if interested click here.