mercoledì 25 febbraio 2009

Finally out of bed!

Finally after a week of fever I'm out of bed,but
I have to say that I fell like the cat in the image.
Unfortunately I did't have the force to do no
illustrations but the positive part was that
everyone was at my service...:) and I could
sleep how much wanted:)
But now at work again

martedì 10 febbraio 2009

Thanks for the award

So many thanks to Faruffa for the award,
a great and talented artist,if you don't
know her you must visit her blog full
of imagination and an amazing view of life
Here there are 7 things I love:
1. all kind of sweets
2.reading before going to sleep
4.drink chocolate when out is cold
5.rainy days (but only if I'm at home)
6.our cat expressions
7.going out with friends
And now the 7 bloggers I pass the award


This week Illustration Friday topic is "Time"
What a wonderful word,you noticed that
sometimes you have too much of it and
sometimes it isn't enough.
This week we hadn't time to do a new illo
so we thought to use one I did years ago
for a springtime topic.