sabato 27 febbraio 2010

IF: Perspective

I can't belive it ,I menaged to post something new,
it's only a rough but I needed to draw something
for me.The Illustration Friday word is
Perspective and don't know you but when I was
a child my perspective was different from now.
Everything seemed bigger,and also this little
girl see her ice cream in a different way.
Won't you like to come back to childhood........?

martedì 9 febbraio 2010

A big hug to everyone

In this period we didn't post anything new and
we don't know when we'll menage to do it.
We had a lot of works adding new illustrations
to the children book....YES it's not finished yet!!
The author decided to add pictures and do some
corrections and we have to say it's coming better
then before!:)I love it but...............I have to organize
me better, to do more illustrations for myself!
This adorable picture of Calvin and Hobbes
(I'm a fan of them) is for
all of you that say hallo even when we don't post :)