sabato 30 novembre 2013

SkaDaMo 2013 Day 30

I missed day 29 but for the last day of SkaDaMO I thought to draw something that I love to follow.Ice skating is a great sport even if I can't do it:) It's been a great expereince to parteciate and loved to see others illustrators illustrations:)

venerdì 29 novembre 2013

SkaDaMO 2013 Day 28 (Late)

Few days before December starts and Xmas will arrive soon:)

SkaDaMo 2013 Day 27 (Late)

They go up and then.....they can't go down!Anyway cats always menage to find someone helping them:)

mercoledì 27 novembre 2013

A gift in my mail

So excited:))See what arrived yestarday in my mail from the great writer and blogger Leandra Wallace.This is a wonderful necklace giveaway for the celebration of Anna Staniszewski new book "My Sort of Fairy Tale Ending"Visit their blog,they are great artists:)

martedì 26 novembre 2013

SkaDaMo 2013 Day 26

An ordinary day at the parkor maybe not :)

lunedì 25 novembre 2013

SkaDaMo 2013 Day 25

This week Illustration Friday topic is "Shadow",I thoght to use it also for the sketch of the day:)

SkaDaMO 2013 Day 24 (Late)

I lost some days but yestarday I menage to do this little sketch,I love nature but there a some people that really to strange things to photograph nature.

Thanks to Amber Hamilton

A big thanks,(even if a little late) to Amber Hamilton, that used my pig sketch for her poem.Visit her blog, she'a great author and a kind person:)

giovedì 21 novembre 2013

SkaDaMo 2013 Day 21

Nothing better for piggy then writing under a tree. 

mercoledì 20 novembre 2013

SkaDaMo 2013 Day 20

 Books always bring us in an other world,this time the other world decided to come for a visit:)

martedì 19 novembre 2013

SkaDaMo 2013 Day 19

This new sketch is also for the Illustration Friday week topic " tail". What happens when in a little zoo two cubs decide to play together and one of them,guess who..,suggest to play Tarzan?

lunedì 18 novembre 2013

SkaDaMO 2013 Day 18

I lost some days but for day 18 I menage to scan this:) In front of my house there is a wonderful tree and after trying to sketch its sleeves I decided to add  three little tree climbers.

venerdì 15 novembre 2013

SkaDaMO 2013 Day 14 (late)

Yestarday I haden't the time to scam this, but here you are a little circus sketch.

giovedì 14 novembre 2013

IF: Energy

This week Illustration Friday is "Energy", we did this some time ago for an indie comics "Night Warrior"andwe thought it was good for this week topic:)

mercoledì 13 novembre 2013

SkaDaMO 2013 Day 13

Probably something you are used to see if you have a dog:) How can you resist to their expressions:)

martedì 12 novembre 2013

SkaDaMO 2013 Day 12

A balloon trp is something I'd like to do one of these days,my little friend begun his adventure:)

lunedì 11 novembre 2013

SkaDaMo 2013 Day 11

Yestarday I didn't menage to do the daily sketch:) But this morning when I woke up and the weather was awfull and rainy I did this little one. The idea came thinking at my little mandarin plant under that downpouer:)

sabato 9 novembre 2013

SkaDaMO 2013 Day 9

A 5 minutes sketch for day 9:) Nothing better then a day at the hairdresser.

venerdì 8 novembre 2013

SkaDaMO 2013 Day 8

Ok,today I hadn't the time to do a real sketch,done this while talking at the phone:) Who said they can't be friends;)

giovedì 7 novembre 2013

SkaDaMO 2013 Day 6 & 7

 Yesterday I didn't menage to scan the day 6 so here it is.Book time is great with a friend like this:)
Today I skeched more or less what happened yesterday.Wait for the bus can be a very,very long affair:)

martedì 5 novembre 2013

SkaDaMo 2013 Day 5

Skadamo day 5 is arrived. This is another sketch for the Illustration Friday "Secret".Nothing better that an adveture with your best friends:)

lunedì 4 novembre 2013

SkaDamo 2013 Day 4

For today Skadamo I  used the word for Illustration Friday "Secret". She has a little monster under her bed but is  a secret,no parents allowed. He's a vegetarian monster so a lot of apples for him:)

domenica 3 novembre 2013

SkaDaMo 2013 Day 3

Done this in the car of a friend this morning thinking at my boyfriend with me for this shopping day:)

sabato 2 novembre 2013

SkaDaMo 2013 Day 2

And Day 2 is done:)A very quick sketch.

venerdì 1 novembre 2013

SKaDaMo 2013 Day 1

A day at the park:
 here my first sketch for this SkaDaMo 2013.For all november I'll try to post a sketch everyday. Today at the park was so sunny and hot that it was like springtime,what a great First November :)