martedì 9 giugno 2009

IF: Craving

Also this week the only thing I menage to do is
a rough for Illustration Friday topic "Craving"
We are working hard in these days for the
children book we are doing and so this is what
I can do for the moment,but once the book
will be finished I'll colour all the illustrations ,
it's a promise for all the friends that so kindly
do comments in this blog,they are a great
support for my works.
Now talking about the new illo,I thought which is
the most craving thing for a children...
growing isn't it?

15 commenti:

Susan Faye ha detto...

Cute illustration--congratulations on all of the wonderful artwork you are busy with!

thefridayfrog ha detto...

ohhhh puro, this will be sweet! find some time to tackle this one! :)) and always, thanks so much for your visits! i love hearing from you!

and WOW!. LLOKIT THAT CRAB COVER! amazing job on the inking and color! that crab is making me a liitttle nerrvous. 8-O

CATI ha detto...

haha! it is!
Even If we regreat later on.... like Peter Pan! hehe!
very nice pencil work....mmmm waiting to be couloured!

Peter Breese ha detto...

What a good friend, giving a little extra height :)!

Loni Edwards ha detto...

What a clever idea! And such a sweet friend to help! :)

Congrats on the Children's book!

the enigma ha detto...

yes! i remember when small how i long to grow up quickly. cant wait for the coloring. :)

joanne May ha detto...

Hi Monica,
You have just won an award!:)
Please feel free to come and collect it from my blog if you wish.
I think you deserve this award for your great illustrations and blog.
Best wishes. Jo.x

joanne May ha detto...

P.S. I have now put you on my blogroll. Some magical blog sites!:)

Indigene ha detto...

Ahh! You are so right! My children couldn't wait to get taller than me. Wonderful lines!

Art Fan Ako ha detto...

Great entry! Cute girl on tiptoe!

Eugenia Gina ha detto...

and I'll be waiting for the fullcolor versiooon heehee.. :D

Jack Foster ha detto...

Awww! so cute!! love the tippy toes!

Eric Barclay ha detto...

Really cute illustration. Love the little Koala.

Bella Sinclair ha detto...

A children's book! That's fantastic news! Lots of great things happening over in your studio.

I love this illo. So adorable! My younger daughter is 7, but she's only as tall as a 5 year old. She's the smallest in her class. Believe me, there are days when growing is what she really, really craves!

get zapped ha detto...

Very cute. I love the concept. It's so true :)