mercoledì 7 ottobre 2009

IF: Germs

Also this week I menaged to do only a rough for
Illustration Friday topic.
When I think about germs I think about flu and
all these days reading a good book,a flavoured
cup of chocolate ,my lovely cat and a lot of
handkerchiefs.At the end germs aren't so bad!
I'd like to thanks all friends that did comments
and a patiently waiting my pencils coloured
but me and Andrea we are trying to finish
the book .

9 commenti:

nessadee ha detto...

Nice sketch! I like to curl up in a comfy chair when I'm sick.

Anonimo ha detto...

Very wonderful. I too have a comfy chair. I can't wait for what cold weather we get here in the South to cuddle up in it with a MY blanket.

Faruffa ha detto...

è bellissimo!!!
ricrea quell'atmosfera calda e casalinga fatta di cure e attenzioni ... un pezzo veramente magico :o)

krisztina maros ha detto...

oh they're really kind germs I think so! have a good work for your book!

Andrea Köster Illustrationen ha detto...

I like the optimistic way of thinking you start your idea. Nice way to go about a topic most people would associate with something bad. Thumbs up :)

Mônica ha detto...

I usually want to stay as far away from germs as I can! But this little girl seems to be almost better and enjoying a cozy, comfy afternoo! :-)

Amy C ha detto...

this is so cozy and so inviting!
What am I saying I don't want to catch any germs!
Its a lovely drawing and I am looking forward to seeing it colored up too.

AtelierBrigitte ha detto...

Great sketch, can't wait to see it in color.
I can't blame the girl for snuggling up in a big chair, hot chocolate and a great book.

Ed Hardy Ugg Boots ha detto...
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