mercoledì 7 aprile 2010


I don't know how to thank for this award.I'm so
honored to receive the Renee Award from Brigitte
of Atelier Brigitte , a great artist you must visit:)

The award was created by Ces in honor of Renee,who
is very dear to her and to many people in the blog world
and beyond.Renee has recently passed away,it has touched
so many people,especially Ces and Bella,who new Renee
for such a long time.If you want to know more about
the origin of this award visit this blog-entry

These are only some of the friends I met in the blog world,
I have to choose 7 bloggers so here they are:

10 commenti:

Dawn ha detto...

Such a beautiful award, congrats!

Faruffa ha detto...

Congratulazione a voi due e grazie mille per aver pensato a me, è un premio bellissimo!!!
baci Vit :o)

Bella Sinclair ha detto...

Oh, hooray! Congratulations, Monica!

Juliette Crane ha detto...

congratulations! what a beautiful award.

xoxo, juliette

Shirley ha detto...

Congratulations Monica! You so deserve this...and congrats to all of the recipients of the award - it's such a special one. : )

mai s kemble ha detto...

Congratulations and thank you!!! :)

Mónica ha detto...

Congratulazione!! precioso premio :)
felicidades para todos :D

Mônica ha detto...

Grazie mille, Monica! This is such a special and unique award, thank you so much for thinking of me to share it with you!

Eva Prunella Grandiflora ha detto...

Ti ringrazio (un po' in ritardo) per l'award!
Un abbraccio

Ces ha detto...

Congratulations Monica! I like your ink drawings!