martedì 5 luglio 2011

Friends Wedding

The 25th of June our best friends

Alessandra and Cristian finally got

married.The wedding was wonderful

and they were fabulous.

We wish them a great life together:)

5 commenti:

Shirley ha detto...

What a beautiful couple..much congratulations!! : )

AtelierBrigitte ha detto...

Ooooh, look at that wonderful dress!! Lovely.
Congrats with the wedding!

Andrew Finnie ha detto...

you are obviously a good friend, and with such good friends I am sure they will have a wonderful life together!

Rabbit Town ha detto...

Very sweet of you. They do look very happy together.

theartofpuro ha detto...

Thanks for the comment:)Your cats are adorable,the blog as well:)