lunedì 19 dicembre 2011


Finally after months I menage to finish an old pencil:)Last friday I had some hours free and finished A Xmas card pencil and also the pencils of "Stripes"done for Illustration Frday:)Tomorrow I'll color this card and in the next days I'll show you also the Stripes illos:)

3 commenti:

Andrew Finnie ha detto...

Hey and a Merrie Christmas to you two too :) This is fun, cute and joyful. I'm so glad you have made another post. I enjoy your work!

greetings from Oz!

Forrest Illustrations ha detto...

This is really cute. Did u do this in ink or on the computer?

David Jernigan ha detto...

Nice drawing and a good color finish to the illustration above this post. The illustration is fun and whimsical!