martedì 13 agosto 2013

Toofs reviews by Dr Virgina Lowe

I received from our author Jennifer Poulter a lovely review about our children's book "Toofs" done by author,editor and CBCA judge Dr Virginia Lowe :
Toofs by Jennifer Poulter and Estelle Poulter, illustrated by Monica Rondino and Andrea Pucci (Tell Me a Story Series, Laidley Publishers)
A topic I have never seen tackled in a picture book before, but quotidian one that affects us daily – at least while we share the house with a teething baby.
He’s learning just what teeth will do.
They’ll munch and crunch and, yes, they’ll chew!
In this case the baby is a [wolf] cub, but the teething effect is the same – and the solution also Mum and Dad suggest coping mechanisms for baby’s sibling.
We are so happy about this review and we hope to write soon about the release of the book:)

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