martedì 23 dicembre 2008


This will be my last rough for this year,I wasn't sure
to menage to do this week Illustration Friday topic
"Voices",even if I had the time to draw only a rough.
Talking with Andrea we thought to a little mouse
who think that probably somewhere in the galaxy
there is another little mouse trying to hear voices
from out of space .
And thinking about voices we want to wish you all
and a joyful

10 commenti:

trowbridge chronicles ha detto...

I always enjoy your clever, inventive ideas.

Unknown ha detto...

wow! This one is very imaginative! Quite a clever idea. I can't wait to see it finished!

Faruffa ha detto...

Grande immaginazione!!!
Questa idea del topino che architetta un sistema per farsi sentire nello spazio è magica e affascinante :o)
Auguro un buonissssimo Natale a te e ad Andrea!

Mônica ha detto...

Wonderful drawing, Monica. Very inventive and complex too! It's a lovely idea...

And to you and Andrea too, a Merry Christmas, Feliz Natal, Buon Natale, and a wonderful 2009! :-)

christine grove ha detto...

I love this! Very imaginative!

Eric Barclay ha detto...

Really cute storyline and a wonderful drawing.

I wish you both a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

sketched out ha detto...

Hee hee! So original and adorable!

Merry Christmas to both of you and have a wonderful new year!!

Michelle Henninger ha detto...

I love it! A great take on the theme. That little mouse is adorable!
Merry Christmas!!

Sarall ha detto...

I would love to see what are you gonna do with this sketch!

Anonimo ha detto...

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